ANALOG is a contemporary glass practice based in Berlin that was founded in 2019. Drawing on a BROAD NETWORK of crafts and skills, ANALOG seeks to push the art of glassblowing forward by implementing digital tools and state-of-the-art technology to bring a new ZEITGEIST of the craft to life. Each item created is ONE-OF-A-KIND, with its own identity and unique characteristics, due to our individualized production process.


At ANALOG, we carefully guide, interpret, and produce our pieces with a deep understanding of design and aesthetics. Our attentiveness for contemporary art and architecture, and the unique spaces we work in give our objects their DISTINCT STYLE. Technology allows us to reconsider the possibilities of the material and our hands blend craft and creativity together to bring objects to life.


Rather than solely preserving tradition, we are driven by a vision to REINTERPRET glassblowing and expand its potential as a CRAFT. Breaking free from convention, we combine MANUAL WORK, design thinking and digital tools, to push the boundaries of what is possible within the discipline. In a world increasingly dominated by the digital realm, ANALOG takes a measured, considered approach to reinterpreting the craft and moving the conversation FORWARD.


A:production combines our expertise and collective knowledge of glass, its processing, the management of serial production and the linking and coordination of a large network of producers. We advise and support artists, architects and designers in the development and PRODUCTION of glass objects. From conception to production and installation, we support all phases of your projects. GET IN TOUCH.