The OMAM pendant, OMAM side table, and OMAM vase make up this collection which is all about capturing the MOVEMENT of rhythmic objects. As the glass bends and folds, it creates fascinating optical distortions; the pendant lights play with this effect, bending and REFRACTING LIGHT in various ways. The vases and side tables, on the other hand, absorb and reflect the surrounding space.

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The OMAM series is designed by Philipp Weber. The collection reflects the natural movements of the HUMAN BODY to create sculptural pieces. This innovative collection transforms traditional glassblowing into objects that imitate human motion mirroring the FLUID MOVEMENTS of the maker.

Throughout the "OF MOVEMENT AND MATERIAL" series, forms curve and twist, creating beautiful light patterns that scatter throughout the sinuous frame. This collection suggests the relationship between the maker and their material, and the role of CRAFTSMANSHIP in our increasingly digital world.


The glassblowing process for the OMAM collection involves a fascinating interplay of heat and skill. To understand it, picture honey on the tip of a long stick, as described by Philipp. Similar to keeping that honey from dripping, glassblowing necessitates constant movement. OMAM is the idea of choreographing this movement - rather than the shape of the object that is being made.



Philipp’s practice resists this diminishing role of touch, process and craft in the human experience and seeks to explore how the traditional crafts can enrich our contemporary society. This is not to nostalgically return to the past but instead to study the processes of craft and inspire the contemporary ritual, enhancing its impact beyond its own field of operation. Reimagining the craft process from this perspective poses questions which filter throughout Philipp’s works, asking “what is the value of craft today?” in order to learn again the very basics in what joins humans, their tools and the objects we create.  |  @studiophilippweber