INITÏ is a collection of mirrors crafted using a rare and intricate glassblowing technique. This subtle handcrafted approach results in a gentle PLAY OF LIGHT and its natural environment when looking through the glass. The collection consists of different colored FLAT GLASS currently available in blue, yellow, purple with a part-mirrored surface and in gradient rosé / clear.

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The collection, designed by Birgitta Homburger, is crafted using a rare and intricate glassblowing technique. Each mirror is produced with a special type of MOUTHBLOWN flat glass, which adds dimension to the collection through the inherent brilliance, transparency and luminosity.

The notion of utilizing glass and mirrors to OPEN UP SPACE has long been a source of interest, drawing from numerous cultural and historical references, such as church windows and fine art pieces. Handblown flat glass stands out for its inherent brilliance and tactile physicality, making it a POETIC MATERIAL for various applications.


Mouthblown SHEET GLASS, a product of traditional glassmaking, possesses a unique brilliance and transparency. It's made by MELTING quartz sand, soda, and lime together at a high temperature. To create different colors, various metals or chemicals are added to the base mixture. For example, gold can make the glass turn pink, while selenium is used to achieve yellow or red tones. The mirroring effect is manually applied by SILVER PLATING.

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At times, the color of a glass sheet results from the combination of two color layers, such as our violet glass, which actually consists of a blue layer at the back and a pink layer at the front. 




Birgitta Homburger works internationally as a creative director, strategist and designer. Her approach combines strategic thinking with unconventional design solutions tailored to the cultural context of each project. As an experimental designer, she engages in and actively shapes the cultural development of brand identity and product design. Birgitta Homburger curates and orchestrates strategic design solutions that bridge the analogue and the digital. Her network of international, leading professionals in the fields of architecture, design, illustration, photography, film and copywriting allow her to initiate ground-breaking collaborations for each client.  |  @birgittahomburger