The LOLA light's mouthblown glass body comes in clear transparent, smokey grey, or pink, and is available as both a floor and wall piece. Both versions of the LOLA lamp are equipped with a custom-made LED system and offer SMOOTH DIMMING capabilities. With its MODULAR design, the series allows you to arrange and display it in any configuration you desire.

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The LOLA light is a part of Judith Haase's series of expandable furniture designs, which she aptly calls "spatial objects" — a FUSION of architecture and furniture. The series embodies modern design, handcrafted from quality materials like polished aluminum and mouth-blown glass. These versatile pieces can function as wall lighting or stand-alone tabletop lamps. Multiple pieces can be COMBINED to create illuminated patterns. 

"The LOLA light embodies an exploration of scale and materials. In our design process, we shape spaces where light takes on a pivotal role, much like a sculptor approaches their work. We treat light as an architectural element that defines the essence of a space."  – JUDITH HAASE


Crafting TRIANGULAR or geometric shapes through mouthblown glass manufacturing is quite UNCOMMON, as glass typically adheres to bulbous forms. To achieve the distinctive LOLA shape, we designed a unique mold.



Since founding their atelier for Architecture and Scenography in Berlin and Paris in 1999, Judith Haase and Pierre Jorge Gonzalez have experimented with new ways of presenting art through architecture. Designing spaces that are narrative, performative and playful, Gonzalez Haase AAS applies their approach to a range of projects including galleries, residential spaces, as well as furniture and stage design. The interaction of lighting and architecture remains a primary focus for the conception of their spatial contexts.  |  @gonzalezhaase_aas