These CARAFES, available in three captivating colors—rosé, Capri blue, and clear—create a mesmerizing lens-like EFFECT when filled with water, which alters the surrounding environment.    



The “SOFT BODIES” collection, is a celebration of craftsmanship and individuality. This collection is artfully embodied by the SOBO jug, designed by Shantala Chandel  & Matthias Gschwendtner. Crafted with care, this piece, available in rosé, Capri blue, and clear, seeks to encapsulate the essence of TOUCH, making it a remarkable addition to any setting.

The collection’s concept was to create a method for shaping glass that feels ORGANIC and tactile. We developed a unique set of tools, drawing inspiration from forging tongs, to shape the hot glass. These tools allow the flexible glass to gently SQUEEZE, resulting in the distinctive soft and organic shapes that define the collection, including the jug’s handle.


The making of “SOFT BODIES” jugs involves a strong focus on craftsmanship and glassblowing skills. Each pitcher is meticulously made, paying attention to every little detail. The name “SOFT BODIES” highlights the handmade procedure behind the product, emphasizing the HUMAN TOUCH and passion that infuses each piece. Every jug is one-of-a-kind, with distinctive details that distinguish it from others, and the glassblowers actively contribute to sculpting each jug’s UNIQUE FORM.


Shantala Chandel and Matthias Gschwendtner are two Berlin-based designers. They have roots in both craft and industrial design, and experiences in developing artworks. Their work ranges from mass production to unique objects in a variety of materials and processes. Considering tools as a key element in creating new things, their process often begins with an in-depth observation of the material and its production process. For their first collaboration with ANALOG, the pair developed a custom tool set that allows for gentle variation in each piece, highlighting the craft of glassblowing.  |  @shantala.chandel  |  @matthiasgschwendtner