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Of Movement and Material

About the series


Of Movement and Material is a pendant lamp series that translates and materializes the rhapsodic dance of glassblowing. Each bespoke luminaire is shaped according to the nuanced gestures of the human body in action; the fluctuating pitch and pivot of glass pipes and the masterful hands that guide them. These multilayered yet self-contained orbs ebb and flow in various directions, refracting light through sinuous curves. These one-of-a-kind statement pieces are produced locally at Berlin Glassworks.

Tech Specs

Sizes (ø)

~15 cm to ~20 cm


~2 kg to ~5 kg


Blown glass

Glass Colour

Opalin white


Powdercoated aluminum, white


Sand-blasted aluminum


2700K (warm)/4000K (daylight)


We offer four standard canopies for either one, three, five or fifteen pendants.

The Process

All objects in this series are handmade at Berlin Glassworks. If you would like to stop by the studio to see us in action, send an email to !

About the designer

Philipp Weber (born 1987 in Münster, Germany) graduated B.A. from the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. 2016 he received his M.A. from the UDK in Berlin. Shortly after, in 2018 he received the German Design Award for Newcomers. In his work he seeks to rethink ­human qualities within production processes.

His work has been acquired by the Chinese Shanghai Museum of Glass and went into the permanent collection of Musée des Arts décoratifs in Lausanne in Switzerland.

Philipp had international attention and participated in exhibitions in Italy, France, England, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Dubai, China and other countries. In December 2018 he became official partner at Berlin Glassworks GmbH and Co-Founder of the label Analog.

Philipp Weber interviewed by Adrian Madlener

In an interview with journalist Adrian Madlener the designer shares his vision for a lighting brand that looks to the past to inform its future.

Product photography: Thomas Wiuf Schwartz