Production time of our lights can range from 3 – 4 weeks, depending on the amount of pendants.

This shop is for EU-customers only. If you are located in the USA or Canada and interested in buying our lights please contact us via E-Mail.


We ship our products with DHL or FedEx. Shipping is insured. The price varies with the scope of delivery. Shipping costs will be charged to the buyer.

Single pendant light

EUR 1.200,00
plus VAT and shipping

One pendant incl. standard canopy.

Three pendants light

EUR 3.600,00
plus VAT and shipping

Three pendants including standard canopy.

Five pendants light

EUR 6.000,00
plus VAT and shipping

Five pendants including standard canopy.

Fifteen pendants light

EUR 18.000,00
plus VAT and shipping

Fifteen pendants including standard canopy.