Tacit Dialogues

The project

Analog aims to preserve established practices by incorporating new technologies, especially as digital programs and devices continue to replace manual skill sets. Part of bringing this approach into the future is knowing how to balance age-old handcraft traditions with contemporary procedures.

The ongoing research project, started in collaboration with media artist Andrea Familari in 2019, investigates how much of a craft process can actually be digitized. The pairing sought out to build a digital archive of production choreographies; tracking the dance of glassblowers during the manufacturing process as well as making corresponding 3D-scans of the resulting glass objects. 

»There are such peculiar handicrafts and such fine procedures that you can only speak of them properly if you are active in them yourself.«

Denis Diderot

The project aims to examine the relations between traditional craft and the digitization of our world. How much of a craft can be documented and therefore reproduced through digital means?

In a first attempt to engage with the data, visualisations where made by taking croppings from the 3D-models. They invite to reflect on the interrelation between the handmade and the digital production. What is digitizable and what is implicit to the maker?