Alcova Milano 2019

About the project

Analog debuted its first series of lights named »Of Movement and Material« during Milan Design Week 2019. Alcova Milano had offered us a room in an old textile factory in the heart of the Isola district, where a cluster of 30 pendants was installed.

The installation reflected on the process of making the glass pendants. Each glass is produced by a dance with the glass. Every single piece is shaped in correspondence with the human body and presents a direct translation of its movements.

We connected the LEDs inside the pendants to a computer operating alternating levels of brightness. Two projectors mounted on opposite sides of our light installation mapped each single glass volume and beamed a moving light animation onto it. An algorithm coordinated the LEDs and beamers, causing the light to feel almost liquid, moving fluently in- and outside the glass bodies.


Launching the first series was a group effort that could not have been realised without the tireless assistance of a lot of super talented people who helped us out.

Concept: Philipp Weber / Studio Philipp Weber
Lighting installation: Andrea Familari
Video installation: Davide Luciani / MOTE Studio
Photography & Video Footage: Dario Lagana
Video editing & Sound: Jochen Kronenberg

And special thanks to Luke Holden at Berlin Art Glas for all his work to help us push our ideas into reality.