ANALOG intersects well-established craft techniques with the latest technologies. Born out of educational platform, artist residency programme, and workshop Berlin Glassworks, ANALOG is dedicated to the preservation and implementation of tried and true glassblowing processes. The contemporary lighting brand’s bespoke luminaires embody the best of this ancient practice while also demonstrating a refined design perspective. ANALOG looks to the past to inform its future. 

In a world where digitalization has all but replaced skilled trades, ANALOG’s commitment to safeguarding the handcrafts extends to the mutual support of the glocal creative community. While making its wares available to customers through the traditional channels, the company has also adopted a barter-based economic model. The brand places equal value on actual physical services and objects with standard monetary transactions. ANALOG believes that this approach can foster more meaningful relationships and incentivize a more qualitative exchange.

Berlin Glassworks

ANALOG is a trademark brand of Berlin Glassworks and mirrors many of the organization’s guiding principles. Founded in 2011 by American art historian Nadania Idriss, the non-profit educational platform, workshop, and artist residency programme provides a broad range of activities centred around the rich tradition of glassblowing. As of 2015, the platform also operates as a company and produces its own products. The altruistic platform makes its facilities and resources available to individuals from different disciplines and with varying levels of skill in the hopes of fostering a more collaborative and dynamic exchange. Like ANALOG, Berlin Glassworks seeks to promote and preserve the ancient craft but also supports research into how it might be reinterpreted.

The Team

Nadania Idriss is an art historian with a love for social work. She founded Berlin Glas e.V., a non-profit organization in 2011, and established Berlin Glassworks (formally Berlin Art Glas) GmbH in 2015. In 2018, she invited Philipp Weber to invest in the company with a view to expanding into the product sector, creating ANALOG.

Philipp Weber is a young and innovative Designer, who has received multiple awards since completing his first degree in 2012, including the German Design Award in 2018. Before joining Berlin Glassworks as the Creative Director Product, Philipp worked as a designer in other creative studios in Berlin.

Julius Terlinden is a multidisciplinary Art Director and Graphic Designer. Besides running his own studio in Cologne, he joined Berlin Glassworks as Creative Director Brand in 2020 and takes care of all communicative material for the studio.

Philipp Weber interviewed by Adrian Madlener

In an interview with journalist Adrian Madlener the designer shares his vision for a lighting brand that looks to the past to inform its future.