ANALOG is a design brand combining the craft of glassblowing with contemporary design and newest technology. Our products are unique functional sculptures that pose questions beyond their own purpose.


ANALOG products are developed out of ongoing creative reflections of the designers we work with. Our collaborative design process further explores these questions. We believe in products that tie in with current discourses and pose questions beyond their own functionality. Our lights are designed to state of the art technology. 


All our glass components are made locally in Berlin’s very first public access glass studio, Berlin Glassworks. All our lights are handcrafted by a team of international artists. We are strongly committed to a fair and sustainable manufacturing process that honours the maker and their knowledge and expertise. We strive to produce all components locally, working with craftspersons in our community. Every piece is made with love and respect for the profession.

Brand Ethos

ANALOG strives to enable further engagement with the investigations and explorations initiated during our collaborations. Through product development, on-going research, exhibitions and/or publications, our aim is to provide a platform to create a growing network of like-minded creative thinkers.